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Who built the Giza Pyramids, and why? It’s an age-old question. Many have puzzled and theorized over the problem. The Æyptians make the claim to fame, but their own history clouds that assumption. The Jews claim an Exodus from that land, but their sacred books never once mention the pyramids by name, and Ægypt has no record of the Jews. In fact Ægypt has never called itself by that name; it was ‘Khem, the Black Land’. It also called itself ‘Ta-Wy, the Two Lands’, which has encouraged every historian to assume that the country was divided in half. That places the Pyramids in Lower Ægypt, to the north, and Upper Ægypt in the south. It’s upside down! The premise has never been questioned, even when Ægypt has a history of being founded by ‘foreigners’ from another land.

Ægyptos was the Greek name given to the Land of Ammon by Alexander the Great when he conquered it in 332BC., – yet there is no etymological root that connects the name Ægypt to Khem or Ta-Wy. Alexander didn’t bother conquering Israel and Jerusalem during his campaign, which would appear to be a serious oversight on his part. Why was Jerusalem so irrelevant? In fact the city we now call Jerusalem was an insignificant north east town in Ægypt at the time and was not known by that name until 325AD when Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, after much searching throughout Europe, allegedly, found it. And you, reader, didn’t even know it had been lost!

This book is going to contradict everything you ever thought you knew about history, geography and the Bible. It is the product of one man’s imagination. By his own definition David was a ‘Tabula Rasa’, a blank slate, when he left college. His childhood passion for music had outweighed any desire for qualifications or a ‘normal’ life. As a professional drummer in the legendary days of the 1960’s his career progressed to the point where he would laughingly describe himself as ‘the most famous drummer you never heard of’. He claimed it as a success that he had managed to stay relatively anonymous throughout his 35-year musical career, backing many of the most famous performers around the world. His passion was always the music, never the fame and acclaim that destroyed many of his friends.

A tick bite in California ended his performing life and turned a distracted hedonist into a focused philosopher. The journey he took beyond his music will astound you as much as it did David himself. It was the enormity of it all that made him become the reclusive hermit he was when he reached his ‘end of days’. He didn’t like you, the uninformed, disturbing his little ‘heaven’ with questions whose answers would take longer to deliver than you had an attention span for. It wasn’t arrogance; he merely recognised the rare path he had followed and the futility of trying to make a précis of it all to guide another in the same direction. He called it ‘the Curse’ – not having a short answer for anything.

His belief, that he could only have done this work by predetermination – destiny – is what precluded him from publishing this book during his lifetime. He was a shy Gnostic, a cult of one, and my tireless friend. He didn’t set out purposely to discover what you will see revealed in this book, it was thrust upon him at the lowest point in his life and it transformed him. For fifteen years he laboured to understand the content and meaning of his own suicide note and put it into a form that, he insisted, was the only way his problem would ever be understood completely. You must compare his naïve, visionary fiction to the facts he eventually uncovered to find his version of reality. Coincidence can only account for so much!

This trilogy is the outcome of his ‘second sight’; contained within it is the only true and provable solution to the Pyramids of Giza, and it is not what you would have expected.

It would be easy to make assumptions about the man from the contents of this book and, chances are, you would be totally wrong and completely miss his ironical sense of humour.

David saw through ‘the veil’ that surrounds this illusion we call reality and he put it to the test. He knew his work would be ridiculed from every direction by the ‘learned ones’; those academics that have all acquired their qualifications by repeating the unassailable tenets of the perceived version of ‘truth’ handed down to them by their various Institutions ad infinitum. However, I think it is more likely that David will still be laughing at them from beyond the grave, as he laughed all the way into it. He had one great advantage over those who will rush to criticise; he had none of the boundaries or allegiances imposed by his education and no limit to his curiosity. He was a free man.

He was also an ‘in-your-face’, self-taught multi-disciplinarian renaissance Scotsman who didn’t give a damn about the normal conventions imposed on the ‘Institutionalized Academics’. Being his own worst critic was a talent that enabled him to reach the top of his art as a musician, and that self-criticism continued throughout the revelation you are about to read. It is going to offend you, on many levels. If it doesn’t, then David failed. He wanted to be fair about it and not let anyone feel singled out or left out. His passion was the processes involved in finding enlightenment, not the result. His was the classical search for the Grail, and he may yet go down in history as the man who found it. You will be the Judge of that; all that David sought was the perpetuation of the Myth.

No matter how well informed or educated you think you are, this book is designed to embarrass and taunt you by pointing out your complete lack of understanding of a problem you didn’t even know you had. What you will find in these pages will pose for you the same dilemma it posed for David; he was either 100% right or 100% wrong. Only time will tell the truth. If this book merely opens the debate then he would be satisfied.

Our true history has suffered 2,000 years of corruption that has buried a pre-eminent fact, one that was encoded into the Giza Pyramids; mathematically – the only truly incorruptible language. It will not take that long to expose those lies that we hold as truths today, what will take time is the rebuilding of the belief structures of this planet as we begin to realize the enormity of the knowledge held by our ancient ancestors, one that was so cruelly taken from us. The Pyramids have always held the key to World History, all we lacked was the man who would give the Builders credit for being smarter than we are – and have the time to look at the fine detail with fresh eyes.

The Ancient Architects measured the Earth with precision and calculated the cycles that transform her face. They located the sacred harmonic points of the planet and then placed their geodetic markers upon them with incredible precision. Our civilization has grown exponentially around these ancient sites for over 10,000 years, and the sacred texts of every nation on this Earth encode the knowledge placed within them by a single group of teachers whose mission it was to perpetuate a singular message. It reads thus: –

‘Beware! There are recurring events that are longer than the memory of Mankind’.

You may not understand this book in one reading and the publishing fraternity claim that every equation in a book halves the possible sales figures. David reckoned that on that principle of diminishing returns he owed every one of you a book – but not an apology. To quote him, “There’s no easy route to enlightenment, and you may not like it when you get there – but there’s no going back to ignorance, and no refunds”.

Read this book at your peril, but read it three times to understand where you stand on the issues it raises – for eventually what you will realize is that the argument can only be with yourself and your own ignorance. Knowledge can become an addiction, but it is the only addiction that can save our place on this fragile lifeboat Earth, cast adrift on a Clockwork Cosmos.

Alexander Barr