About the Author


David Alan Ritchie

Born in 1948, David Ritchie survived his Catholic education, by rebellion, and by the age of 14 was working as a professional drummer and doing his homework on the bus to school. By age 24 he was conducting and playing with some of the top big bands in the world, from London to Las Vegas, backing a host of the biggest name performers in the world. In the 1970’s he was a staff songwriter for CBS Records in London and running his own studio as producer / engineer with his writing partner, vocalist ‘Big John’ Goodison, from the original Brotherhood of Man - for whom he wrote ‘United We Stand’. Around the same period, David toured as musical director with the band who sang ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ - The New Seekers, but his heart was always drawn to big band jazz rather than pop music. He jokingly called himself ‘the most famous drummer you’ve never heard of’… it’s possibly true. A tick bite ended his performing career in 1988, at which time he was Director of Music for Princess Cruises and the Love Boat, and based in California. He returned to Scotland in 1989 and soon met Rick Taylor, the well known jazz trombonist / composer / arranger and vocalist, and once again became a songwriter. That partnership still endures, even though, in 1993, David sat down to author his suicide note. 23 years later it has likely become the longest suicide note in history… and it’s still not finished. The consequence of that note is his book We ~ The Skythians, his final symphony, the result of the solitary confinement of a polymath in the most beautiful location on Earth, with no interruptions. What he found, in his role as a hermit, will possibly change your life forever. Time will tell, but this is just the beginning.